Google finally decided they've outgrown the Googleplex and tossed $30 million at the city of Mountain View for some space to build a new 10-acre campus. Who's gonna design it? Ingenhoven, one of Germany's biggest architectural firms.
Little is known about what the future campus will look like, but the San Jose Mercury News says with the land deal in place, design plans could be submitted as early as this month and construction could begin in 2012. That said, we do know some things about Ingenhoven, whose designs revolve around green sustainability and an unyielding devotion to modernism.
Ingenhoven is currently responsible for redesigning Stuttgart's main train station, which has caused a bit of controversy because of their decision to take the station underground. The firm's founder and namesake, Christoph Ingenhoven is very much a forward-looking designer, making few concessions to the past.


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